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Item #: 8TF72
This headlamp has a 310 lumen output making ideal for work in poorly-lit areas. The easy-to-twist focus ring makes it easy to adjust the beam while you’re working. The top strap is removable so you can attach the headlamp to a hard hat. It's light weight, comfortable, economic, flexible, and gives you 60 yards of visibility in pitch black. The headlamp is battery-operated and comes with two AA batteries.
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Item #: 6UK81
This hardhat is great for night work. It features a bright, 300 lumen detachable headlamp for optimal illumination. The light is battery operated and includes 2 AA batteries. The bright and sturdy shell is made with polyethylene, making it weather and debris-resistant. The color options include yellow, white, orange, and red, and the sizing options include 6, 7, and 8.
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Item #: 0RT28
This rechargeable headlamp can also be used with standard AAA batteries. It's light weight, comfortable, economic, flexible, and gives you 100 yards of visibility in pitch black. It features six light modes and allows you to easily recharge it with a USB or a standard wall plug in. The redesigned switch is easy to use, and is designed to work easily with gloves. It features two energy modes--Energy Saving Mode to help you optimize burning life, as well as Constant Mode that features continuous output.
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